Mitosis ist not an anonymous work factory, but a real community. That also means: We want the coworkers to feel comfortable, whether in networking, during our lunches or regarding the challenges of everyday life.

Mitosis therefor means for us the multiplication of good ideas, of community, of support and cooperation – following the idea of a real mitosis.

And of course, we also do work. We all benefit from the versatile and lively mix of international professionals of all disciplines. We work with photographers and historians, philosophers and journalists, web developers and architects. They come from Italy and Iran, from Spain and Germany, from Finland and Iceland, from the USA and many other countries. That’s what we want: a happy network, a friendly relationship. Concentrate on working together, eating together and having fun together.

When it comes to leasing our work spaces and our event space in Sonnenallee, we focus on professionalism and reliability – but also the charm of our multicultural community from Berlin-Neukölln.