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Perfect room for workshops in Berlin-Neukölln

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Room for Workshops in Berlin-Neukölln

Room for workshops in Berlin-Neukölln

Our LAB Green has a 150sqm open space with 4m high ceilings and is located below our LAB 1. Green LAB is connected to LAB 1 via stairs and cannot be booked alone, but only in addition to LAB 1. It is perfect for workshops, group work or as a breakout area for various events. Participants can spread out in the room in small or large groups to work with each other or just enjoy their break.

In the room there is a 4m long meeting table as well as other small tables, various sofa corners and a mobile cubic glass room where up to 4 people can sit. The Green LAB takes its name from the large number of plants being cultivated there.

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Lab Green / en - Mitosis LAB


Lab Green / en - Mitosis LAB

LAB Green


Lab Green / en - Mitosis LAB


Lab Green / en - Mitosis LAB


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To book your LAB or request a quote, please write us an email and tell us what you are looking for. We will get back to you as soon as possible.*

* This is a professional space, no parties or private celebrations possible.

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