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our philosophy

Time and timelessness are at the center of our design. Timeless design becomes more important for any interior the longer you stay in it. With the steady increase of “virtual” work, we spend more and more time in working spaces or at our desk. As a result, the borderline between working spaces and living spaces is ever more blurred. Through our design, we strive to see a room as a place where people can enjoy not only working, but also spending time. Simplicity is essential in this without, however, diminishing the role of function, aesthetics, and comfort.

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One characteristic of our work is the attempt to build bridges between modernity and sustainability. By recycling materials, cleverly re-using design objects and everyday articles and dispensing with plastics, we aim to minimize the depletion of our world’s resources; our design is as environmentally conscious as possible.

Another characteristic is our love of detail. The creation of harmony and productivity in a space is crucially based on relations between objects and their positions in it. Therefore, we value and carefully choose every single object in a space. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on lighting concept, color design and natural materials.

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Our Work

Our work is based on collaboration between an interior designer, an architect, a graphic artist and a carpenter. We develop every project from scratch; models are constructed in our own workshop.

Our services cover the following areas:

interior design for office spaces and other rooms, from concept to realization

conception and manufacture of furniture and objects for daily use

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