Covid-19 safety concept

During the Corona crisis, we at Mitosis are committed to taking all necessary steps to minimize the risk of infection. and the chain of infection so that, despite everything, no one has to miss out on co-working and important meetings.
Through the past year and continuing meetings, we have been able to constantly expand and improve our hygiene and safety concept to ensure the protection of all participants and people in our rooms.

This includes the following points:


Space and setup

  • In our 300m2 space (over two floors) we can guarantee a minimum distance of 1.5m between guests or co-workers. There is enough space for everyone.
  • A variable and individual arrangement of tables and chairs also helps to ensure the minimum distance.
  • Large window fronts on both sides allow us to sufficiently ventilate and aerate the room.


Tests and type of event

  • Events possible under 3G, 2G or 2G+
  • If you choose 2G+, we can set up a temporary testing station outside and outside our premises where all attendee:s can test themselves with antigen self-test for 10€ per person before entering the premises, so you know immediately if you are allowed to attend the meeting and the meeting can take place safely.
  • Check-in possible via QR code (Corna-Warn app)


Additional services

  • For catering: Corona safe and individual portioning as well as safe serving (buffet),
  • additionally, service staff:inside can be engaged so that distances can be maintained and movements in the room can be reduced


and of course

  • professional cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, controls, screens, etc. before and after each reservation
  • sufficient hand disinfectant, paper towels and soap
  • pens and paper individually for each participant
  • closed trash cans
  • a large screen and fast internet to allow video conferencing as well